The Role that has been played by the Media in the present political system is immense , especially in a ‘Developing’ and a ‘Democratic’ country like India. It has rightly earned it’s position as the fourth pillar in any democracy of the world , more significantly in India . I believe there is an association between the ‘ developing media ‘ and the ‘social changes’ that are taking place . Though I’m still not sure about the degree of its association . But yes , Media , especially the Electronic Media’
has brought a change .
It has been tremendous in highlighting the cases of such as Jessica Lal ,Manjunath and so on .

But just as I say that , with so many News Channels having come up , I believe they are much into business of popularity nowadays . The order of the day has become ‘Sensationalism’ . With TRP ratings playing a major role , it’s become more a commercial business now .

It gets really disgusting when I see ‘ Abhishekh-Aishwarya ‘ marriage being so madly hyped , when I see “ Brad Pitt gets a new hair style “ as a headline , when I see 30min programmes about the triangle love story of Dhoni,Deepika and Yuvraj and when I see ‘ Rakhi Sawanth with her weeping skills and all her cheap tricks for public popularity and sympathy , fooling the electronic media around .
It attracts more viewership , TRP ratings increase , more ads , more money . No place for ethics anymore.
Sorry to say , this has become a trend with few of the channels . I learned from another blog that such Journalism is called ' Yellow Journalism ' .

But the point I’m trying to make is that , it’s important to strike a balance between all this . The right balance between taking up issues of National Interest , Voicing the poor , Entertainment and Creating Awareness .

It would be then that the ‘Indian Media’ can make a world of difference in the upliftment of this country .


When I Had To Wait , Wait And Wait..............

I was counting the number of autorickshaws passing by on the road . I also played a game of golf , which I din't even know existed in my cell phone . I was looking at my watch every now and then very restlessly .
If you are wondering why I was upto all such wierd things , Well , I was waiting outside a saree showroom for my mother , who was shopping inside from more than 90 minutes now. I had the feeling it was the longest 90 mins of my life.

By now , the watchman of the showroom was my friend . I told him to suggest his manager to have an air-conditioned ' waiting room ' for men with berths and a T.V . He thought it was a joke and laughed. I observed that he couldn't bare with my sillyness , which came from restlesness. So, I went back to the car , listened to some ' apparently hyper excited ' RJs' & some familiar songs on the radio and also discovered another new game in my cell phone .

Ok, enough is enough . I thought I'll storm into the showroom and pull my mother and my aunt ( who was accompanying her ) into the car and drive away.
With this rush of blood , I got out of the car , banged the door back and walked towards the entrance in ' Rajnikanth Style ' . Just as I was entering , I saw them coming out . Suddenly , I became cold and I din't know what to say .
I asked " Did you buy the showroom ? "
"Haha , No . 3 sarees . "
"So 100 minutes divided by 3 .................................."

With this mental calculation on my mind, I turned the car towards the ' Entry ' gate instead of the ' Exit 'gate . Another car was coming in ,we both applied sudden brakes . He yelled- " Kannu Kaansalva ? ". I said " Sorry " and turned the car back and exited through the exit gate.

Asusually the roads were ' chock-o-block ' with vehicles , which din't help my restlesness. I was grumbling at everyone . Just then , I saw a person crossing the road right royally like a king , signalling me to stop . I purposefully increased my speed and applied the brakes at the last minute , giving him what you call a ' jhalak ' . He said in a rowdy tone - " Yake guru ,road cross madtha iddini , kannu kaanslava ? " . Oh God , Did I need an immediate eye check up or what !
That Clown was shaken up by my 'jhalak' and he was still commenting something in his dirty language . 'Mr. Clown' was full of attitude and I was sure I had dented it . I turned a deaf ear towards his extraneous comments as I din't want to pick up a fight.

Bangaloreans would get the number 1 spot for ' Road Rage'. People are never short of a word here . Though I don't like it that way , I had few special words to say to my friend, ' Mr.Clown' ,ofcourse I can't tell you what they were . I left immediately before I could hear anything from him .

My Mom was quick to ask me - " Do you think you are a Hero ? "
i said " No. All this was because of your 100 mins of shopping . I'm not that patient . "

"Ok, I'll never call you next time . "

That was what I wanted and soI din't utter a word . At last , I was pleased to reach home after what seemed like a long outing . An outing where I learnt a lesson . The lesson was - " Never go shopping with Mummy ". If I can generalize - " Never go shopping with women. ! ! ! "

( Hey , I've exaggerated this whole episode a bit . But it was only to make it's reading more fun . Cheers ! ! )